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Basis Set Ventures invests in early-stage technology companies that fundamentally transform the way people work. We believe artificial intelligence delivers core value by improving productivity for all parts of the economy; from factories to offices.

Our fund is dedicated primarily to Seed and Series A startups.

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Falkonry’s operational machine learning system empowers industrial operations teams to improve throughput, uptime, yield, and quality without the need for data scientists.


FarmWise produces autonomous weeding robots that provide growers with a cost-efficient, scalable alternative to herbicides.

Ike Robotics

Ike is building cutting edge automation technology to help improve the trucking industry.

Path Robotics

Path Robotics is producing autonomous welding robots based on proprietary artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms.


Rasa empowers product teams to build conversational AI in-house, shipping into open source libraries and providing tools to developers worldwide from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


Sourceress is an AI recruiter that uses machine learning models to reinvent how people find jobs.
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